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Nursing Home Abuse

When the time comes and you have to place a family member or loved one in an assisted living facility or nursing home this can definitely be an extremely hard decision to make.  Many families every year are struggling with the decision to place a parent or grandparent in a facility where on a daily basis their medical needs and every day to day living needs are being meet.  Every decision maker wants to know that they are in trusting loved ones into the care of trusted professional and will ensure their high level of standard care.  But all too sadly, this may not be the case.   In reality, nursing home abuse and neglect is becoming a huge epidemic in the United States and what is currently happening in these care facilities are despicable.

In a recent incident employees of a nursing facility in Minnesota metro area were charged in physical abusing elderly patients who were in their care.  The employees were caught spitting, poking, mocking and even touched their genitals.  While these are extreme cases, it is important to understand various other forms of elderly abuse that is occurring all over the United States, and it is possible that many other elderly patients are experiencing neglect every day.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Latest statistics show that approximately 2.1 million seniors are victims of some abuse or neglect in the United States.   What makes this even harder to believe is that every case of nursing home abuse and neglect that may be reported, there could be as five or more cases that are not being reported.  Now research is suggesting that elders that are abused may die sooner than seniors who are being properly cared for and that even includes the absence chronic conditions and threatening conditions.  To learn move about how a nursing home abuse lawyer can help click now.